AJW is an architectural products manufacturer in upstate New York. We started out with the design and launch of their corporate site, but over the years our partnership has grown tremendously. We have integrated their ERP (Epicor) to the site as well as launched various business intelligent technologies such as a complex freight tool with pack-out logic to ensure profitable quoting.



Brand Strategy

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Brand Design

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3D Modeling & Rendering


Our industry research discovered that the majority of companies in the manufacturing field failed to deliver a strong sense of brand.

Our aim was to define a modern, people-oriented brand while preserving everything that has contributed to AJW’ success so far. We developed the central brand idea, “Focused on Services”, building on the key elements that set AJW apart from the competition: truly understanding and engaging with customers.

Working collaboratively with AJW’s CEO and senior leadership team, we defined a clear, credible and compelling brand story that captures the unique role and impact AJW brings to the market. This new narrative elevates the brand conversation beyond just the products and solutions that AJW manufactures, instead focusing on the extraordinary customer services and company culture AJW brings to their customers and employees.

The new brand story, which is built on the promise, “Focused on Services,” gives purpose and higher-order meaning to the impactful work AJW is doing.

AJW launched an internal campaign to unify, energize and inspire its 1,000 employees. We developed a visual campaign that brought a library of case studies to life by featuring the extraordinary possibilities AJW is enabling all across America.

Internal and external brand implementation plans, a national governance and adoption strategy, employee training and copious guideline documentation have helped AJW undertake the multiyear process of bringing a new brand to life.

3D Modeling & Rendering