Industry City is a company located on the waterfront in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, which provides shared workspace and community for businesses. They came to Night Owls and cooperated with us to build a Tenant Portal on Nexudus platform. We design and developed a platform portal that works seamlessly on mobile and desktop to accomplish a variety of goals that vary from connecting IC tenant base also provide which is not only highly user-friendly but also visually appealing.


After completing the massive redevelopment of the 16-building complex in 2015, Industry City tried to find a more efficient way to manage the property and build a strong community. The primary goals for this portal are to connect IC tenants, attract more tenants and improve visitor experience.


Industry City team had interviewed their tenants and sent out a questionnaire, asking questions regarding their experience at Industry City and what features the tenants wished the portal would have. Based on the feedback from the researches and IC team’s own needs, the must-have features were decided:

  • Tenant Directory – a roster of all the businesses. Each company listed should have logos. company description. Users should be able to sort the businesses by industry type.
  • Community Announcements, Member Events, Job Board, For Sale
  • Event Calendar
  • Promotion page: offers coupons for IC food hall
  • Conference rooms booking system
  • Others: IC shuttle tracking, Food Delivery, subway train times