Living with sleep apnea can be challenging, treating it doesn’t have to be. This is why we created Lofta. We offer a life-changing approach to sleep.

Living with sleep-disordered breathing is challenging. Treating it shouldn’t be.

That’s why we created Lofta.

Driven by a desire to streamline a needlessly complex experience, we set out to un-complicate the process. Gone are the obstacles to relief: the frustrating maze of insurance, the arduous overnights at the sleep lab, the lack of support, and the clinical complexity that compounds an already exhausting problem.

Lofta clears the path to breathing easier with expert guidance at every step, from diagnosis to treatment. Our personalized support includes the necessary screening tools, testing kits, and supplies, all accessible in one place—home.

Better sleep can change your life. And it’s never been easier.